Oh Whoopie! pie we love you.

Starting Kaye Rachelle Designs while in graduate school was a bit of a balancing act.  And so as a remedy to our busy lifestyles Bonnie and I would regularly conduct our business meetings at local cafes.   We would sit down and discuss textiles and design with a warm cup of green tea and a scrumptious whoopie pie to split. It has now become tradition, when there is business to be discussed whoopie pies are present.

Whoopie pies are a great holiday treat.  Whether its classic chocolate, pumpkin, or red velvet, whoopie pies are delicious, delightful and a beautiful addition to any holiday table.

Whoopie pies

They are also a great Holiday gift!  Find ready to go ingredients, whoopie pie cookbooks, or useful baking tools.


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