let there be light. and hardening of emulsion.

This week was a very successful one for our business, Kaye Rachelle, because our new massive {35" x 45"}, homemade screen-printing exposure unit perfectly exposed our first screen.  The lights turned on.  The emulsion hardened.  And 5 minutes later, the image sprayed out perfectly.  We squealed & hugged & high-fived like a couple of super nerdy printmakers.  It was awesome.

So while we'll be busy this week exposing our latest designs, I share with you the work of screen-printer, Adam Smith.  I recently discovered his work after my husband surprised me with this delightful print of Ben Franklin:

{First American}

{No One Ever Really Dies}

{One Foot In . . .}

{Collective Conscience}

Adam Smith's work is available on Etsy or at Art Star in Northern Liberties.

~ Bonnie


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