a new year.

It's a new year, and that feels so, so good.  

First, a huge thanks/hug/high five to all our customers, retailers, friends, & family that supported us throughout 2011.  It was a great year thanks to you.  And looking forward to this next year, we know it's going to be even better.  Bring it!

Now that the parties have ended & everyone is back to work, we have had a chance to really reflect on our 2012 changes/goals both for ourselves as individuals and for Kaye Rachelle.  Curious to know what they are?

2012 Goals

1. Find the perfect bar cart (& buy it!)
2. Run the Broad St. run
3. Read one book a month
4. Become involved with 3rd Ward (Philly's location opens this summer)

1. Call my Grandmothers more
2. Expand my cooking skills
3. Go to the gym more (especially if I fulfill #2)
4. Buy an awesome camera, and learn how to use it
5. Spend more time with my personal studio practice

Kaye Rachelle Designs
1. Stick to our projected timeline
2. Expand our retailers beyond the Northeast
3. Experiment with new fabrics
4. Reorganize the print studio
5. Build a washout booth
6. Have a Fab.com sale!

Wish us luck!  

~ Bonnie

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