remembering eva zeisel.

It was the day before New Years Eve, and while most of us were in a post-holiday slumber or getting ready to ring in a new year, the design world lost a profound & prolific artist, Eva Zeisel.  I have long admired her simple forms & her desire to take ceramics from craft to the industrial arts.  As a student at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, where Ms. Zeisel taught ceramics from 1939-1954, I became all the more familiar with her work when given the chance to exhibit with her in 2009.  

In fact, you could say this was the birth of Kaye Rachelle Designs.  We (Susie & I) were asked to participate in a project called 3rd + Bond, where Pratt alumni & students made & contributed works to outfit 2 showroom apartments in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.  Along with many other talented artists & designers, we had our work displayed along side Ms. Zeisel.  

Picture from the 3rd + Bond showroom:

The beauty of Ms. Zeisel's work is that it's here to stay.

Learn more about the life of Eva Zeisel here.  Picture sources: here & here

~ Bonnie

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