reflections on FAB

In an ideal world, we would blog every morning with our first cup of coffee.  If only our mornings were that pretty.  And thus, we blink and it's been months since we last posted.  Shame, shame.

Perhaps part of that had to do with gearing up for our recent FAB.com sale.  For those of you that don't know FAB.com, it's a flashsale website based on the east-coast, where they highlight pretty awesome products from many talented designers & companies.  One of their buyers contacted us ... We hesitated for a while, knowing that our hands would have to work in hyper overdrive in order to produce what we needed to have upfront for the sale.  But like most goals that we have, our sights were set and we dove head (or hands) first.

We share with you some of our (insta!)highlights from the prep to production to shipping.  And like most of our small-business endeavors, we learned a lot of lessons.  Good lessons, full of pain & pleasure.  And in the end, all worth it.

~ Bonnie (to see more of my instagram pics, find me @bonniekaye)

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