st. valentine.

I hope you had a lovely day yesterday with your lover.  As for me & my husband, we don't really get into the Valentine's day spirit.  We much prefer sharing love all the time & at random times.

But I did come across some pretty rockstar Valentine's Day gifts including:

Custom Mugs by BrooklynRehab

And we can't forget to add the major launch yesterday of BHLDN ("beholden") - Anthropologie's New Bridal Line.  Kinda makes me wanna get married again...to my husband again, of course.  Take a peak at my favorites.

And killer veils.

The gifts are fabulous and the wedding gowns & veils are pretty stunning - but the flowers I got last week out of the blue for no reason, well, that's how I know I've really got something special.

~ Bonnie

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