gardening season.

It's a super warm day here in Philadelphia, and after scoring free tickets last weekend to The Flower Show, all I can think about is gardening.  It's that time of year where all I want to do is be outside, get dirty, & eat fresh food straight from the vine.

While it's not time to plant outside just yet, I'm getting excited for some much needed gardening goodies:

 1. Gardening Chalkboard Stakes by Terrain  2. Stationary by Rifle Paper Co.  3. Watering Can by Houston International  4. Screen-printed poster by Joeseppi

And if you haven't bought your seeds yet, I recommend checking out the Art Packs by the Hudson Valley Seed Library - where artists have designed the seed packaging.  I saw them this weekend & fell in love with the huge variety of illustrations.  Unfortunately, my husband had to gently remind me that we had enough seeds already to plant a farm...

Happy planting!

~ Bonnie

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